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'house party'
an album recorded with Party Boots

 "I first landed in Halifax in 2010 and moved straight into Big Blue. For 8 years we hosted hangs upon hangs and parties after parties. Music just everywhere. But like all good times do, it had to come to a end. Big Blue was going to be torn down.

In thanks, we gave her a proper send off and went into her one last time and squeezed every bit of party out of her. The best part is, we got it on tape."


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Rankin & the Broken Reeds

"In December 2019, we stopped in for a visit with venue master and good friend, Victor Syperek. We shared some drinks, Vic retold some war stories and we of course played him some tunes. This was one of them... our version of the 'Reel Beatrice' aka Beatrixx. I'm always tickled to play Vic's beautiful piano."


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