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From left to right - Seamus Erskine, Tori Cameron, Patrick Murphy, Rankin MacInnis, Luke Arsenault, Luke Levy, Calen Kinney, James Shaw, Siobhan Martin

   The freshly minted 'Nova Scotia's Entertainer of the Year' comes with a big band and a big sound. Known for eclectic high-energy shows, Rankin and his bandmates are (as their fans would say) "finally" in the studio. While most artists would start with a recording while building their live show and audience, Rankin and his bandmates took a different approach. Instead, they first built an award winning festival (Blueberry Jam) and an award winning concert series (Rankin's Winter Warmers) based around their culture of community building through live creative collaboration without any limitation of genre.  

   Rankin and the Broken Reeds debut release is anticipated to start rolling out early 2024
. This will be Rankin's first release since House Party with Party Boots, 2019.


Calen Kinney, James Shaw, Jordan Bruleigh, Luke Arsenault, Luke Levy, Patrick Murphy, Seamus Erskine, Shane Martin, Siobhan Martin, Tori Cameron, Trevor Wentzell

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