Rankin creates moments. It could be just him and his band crowded around the piano surrounded by a frenzy, or he could be bursting through the curtains with bagpipes as electric guitars and horns rage on. What is guaranteed is that there will be a show.

On 'House Party', an album released with Party Boots (2019) of a recording of an absolute legend of a party, you can hear a bunch of these moments from needle drop to stopping click.

Now, Rankin is still coming up fresh! People are stuffing to the rafters and fogging up the windows of the Local as his Winter Warmers series burns away the cold in Halifax. His new Blueberry Jam Outdoor Concert at Big Belle Farm in his hometown of Mabou, Cape Breton has also quickly become the summer ticket on the island. Currently, he and his shiny new band are throwing down in the studio for their debut EP, set to be released in October.