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Winter is long, but it doesn't have to feel that way...

Since 2018, my band mates and I plus a pack of partiers push into the Local (Halifax, NS) every Saturday afternoon to help burn away the winter. We gather around the ole piano, fog up the windows and welcome up some of Nova Scotia's best musicians and writers to take part in an afternoon of rip-roarin tunes.


It's not quite a song circle and it's not quite a jam...


Check out some of the amazing performers we've had the last few seasons....

Aaron Green
Alex Meade
Alex Wrathell

Andrew Jackson
Andrew Sneddon
Aryam Perez
Benjamin Marmen
Blanche Israël
Blue in Tokio
Braden Lam
Brandon Davis
Brendan Melchin
Brian Bourne
Carmen Townsend

Calen Kinney
Chris Martin
Christopher Brown

Danielle Boutlier

Dave Fultz
Dave Sampson
Dillan Tate
Eamonn Slattery
Emily Kiley Lawlor

Eric Stephen Martin

Evan Mahaney

Ginevra Syperek

Iain Beaton
Jacob Strang
Jacques Mindreau

James Shaw
Jessie Brown
Jordan Musycsyn
Leanne Aucoin
Lennie Gallant

Luke Arsenault
Luke Levy
Mairi Rankin
Mark Bachynski
Martin Davidson
Matt Myer
Matthew Whiston
Mauricio Duarte

Maykel Martinez
Michael Dalton
Michael S. Ryan
Neil MacQuarrie
Nick MacLellan

Nicole Ariana

Party Boots

Pat Healey
Patrick Storer
Paul St-Amand
Peter MacInnis

Richard Driedger
Roan Worthing
Roxy Mercier
Seamus Erskine
Sean Weber

Serkan Süer

Shae Palmer

Shane Martin
Shawn Mullen

Tom Terrell
Tommy Green Jr.
Tommy Stephen
Tori Cameron
Trevor Wentzell
Will Hansen

Willa Owen
Willie Stratton

Yonelis Legra Noa
Zach MacLean